Successfully Unbreak Adobe Reader 7.0.8 for the New Linux Emulator

Intron is my alias on the Internet intron at
Wed Jan 3 22:05:28 UTC 2007

It's dawning in Beijing now. I'm quite tired. Here, I only summarize
the solution as is. I will write a complete hacking report after a rest.

1. Restore your /sys/compat/linux/linux_file.c to the original revision
    1.99 (7.0-CURRENT) if you have applied my yesterday's patch. You have
    two convenient ways to do this:

    1) Overwrite linux_file.c with linux_file.c.orig backuped by patch(1)


    2) Download the revision 1.99 from:

2. Apply my new patch for /sys/compat/linux/linux_file.c:

3. Recompile and reload the module linux.ko.

4. sysctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16

5. Remove ~/.adobe/Acrobat/7.0/UserCache.bin if something troubles you.

My brain is a little foggy now. If I make something wrong, please do not
laugh at me.


1. FreeBSD Developers' Handbook, Chinese version:

2. Unicode 4.1 Code Charts, a page for ancient Chinese characters:

3. The English novel Jane Eyre (got from

                                                From Beijing, China

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