Anybody working on 'Super tunnel Daemon'. I would like to join in this project.

Joel Dahl joel at
Mon Feb 26 17:21:22 UTC 2007

Mån 2007-02-26 klockan 17:25 +0530 skrev ajay gopalakrishnan:
> Hey all,
> Anybody started work on the project 'Super tunnel Daemon' ? I was searching
> for some project for some time. And i recently came to know about this
> project at the project ideas page of FreeBSD. I read the requirements and
> idea of a non-offensive autodetection interested me the most.
> I would like to join this project. I would like to know if people have
> already started working on this project and the project's current status.

I'm not aware of anyone currently working on the super tunnel daemon


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