/etc/group limits (REAL limits)

Sergey Babkin babkin at verizon.net
Wed Feb 7 15:54:00 UTC 2007

>From: Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com>

>On one of my boxes where I have a decent amount of (less than 50) users 
>in a few groups, I finally hit the limit.  Not 1024 bytes though (that I 
>know of).  When that happens though, it is sooner than expected, and 
>tools (like 'id') seg fault (and core dump).
>I have a sample group, and it appears to be hitting the byte limit.  If 
>I add a single additional character to the group, it will break things. 
>     It appears to be a combination of multiple groups.
>Can someone with some experience in this area comment?  I can send the 
>group file itself if needed.

The traditional workaround for the 1024 bytes limit
is to have multiple lines for the same group, for 


Note that everything except the list of the users
is the same on all the lines. It might work for
you too.


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