handling pdfs?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Sun Dec 2 20:30:54 PST 2007


soralx at cydem.org wrote:
>> I personally find that xpdf looks OK.
> Same here, though I do remember to have that cramped characters problem
> before. I think it was in PDFs created by OpenOffice swriter. When I
> used the "other" OS to print these PDFs, there were cramped characters

THe other OS? Are you talking about Linux?

> on paper.
I have this problem occasionally only with xpdf. Evince displays the 
files then without any problem just as kpdf.

> BTW, 'tis slightly off-topic, but had anyone else noticed that xpdf is
> rather slow in rendering pages? I remember, when I had a chance to

I think so too.


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