VMware5 port - bounty proposed

John Kozubik john at kozubik.com
Tue Apr 10 20:02:10 UTC 2007


On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Sean C. Farley wrote:

> I have spent a good deal of time last year attempting to port VMware
> 5.5.x to FreeBSD.  Due to time, too many other projects and a beginning
> level of driver development knowledge (someday I will fix this part :)),
> I do not feel I can continue on it.  To help others get a little
> further, I put up a description of the status[1] on my web site.  Many
> thanks to Orlando Bassotto's effort on a port of 4.5.2 from which I
> started.
> Sean
>    1. http://www.farley.org/freebsd/tmp/vmware5/

To reiterate - I am offering an immediate cash payment of $500, plus the
other, smaller, informal contributions that have been submitted, to
whoever can merely commit to making vmware 5 work on FreeBSD (6 or 7).

Upon delivery additional monies will be paid.  I am also interested in
organizing ongoing funding to maintain the current status of a vmware5
port with the intention of eventually implementing vmwares proposed 3d
hardware virtualization into the FreeBSD vmware port.

I am cross-posting this to freebsd-hackers so as to spread the word a bit
beyond freebsd-emulation.

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