Call for Status Reports: Oct 6

Max Laier max at
Wed Sep 27 05:23:26 PDT 2006


it almost slipped my mind to remind you that it's that time again.  We are 
collecting Status Reports for the third quarter of 2006.  I know that 
most of you are wrapped in the preparation for FreeBSD 6.2.  It would be 
great if you could still find some time to write about all the goodies 
that where MFCed and newly appeared in CURRENT between June and now.

We would also like to hear from our Google Summer of Code participants how 
their projects turned out - you may copy and paste or redirect to 
your "official" documentation ;)  Just let's make sure your work gets the 
attention it deserves!

Submissions are due by 6 October, 2006.  Submission details can be found 

As always, this is by no means limited to FreeBSD committers, but a call 
to report news and status about any FreeBSD related project.

Looking forward to reading your reports.

See you at EuroBSDCon 2006 in Milan:

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