network stack problem in sparc64?

Borja Marcos borjamar at
Tue Sep 26 04:31:20 PDT 2006

On 25 Sep 2006, at 18:34, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

> Borja Marcos wrote:
>> earendil# sysctl net.inet.tcp|fgrep space
>> net.inet.tcp.sendspace: 0
>> net.inet.tcp.recvspace: 0
>> earendil# sysctl net.inet.udp
> hmmm...  how about this (untested) patch?
> -u_long tcp_sendspace = 1024*32;
> +int    tcp_sendspace = 1024*32;

So it's just an integer size problem? I'm just compiling a kernel  
with the changes. I've had to change tcp_var.h and udp_var.h.

I will try and report the results :)

Are there many users of FreeBSD/sparc64? Changing the window size is  
not so esoteric, I guess someone might have tried it before...


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