[REQUEST] unionfs needs some guys can do implements new 2 APIs for VFS

Daichi GOTO daichi at freebsd.org
Tue Oct 10 07:06:00 PDT 2006

Hi Guys!

Now we need a man or a guy who can do implements new 2 APIs for VFS.
Someone please help us!!



The FreeBSD new unionfs implementation: New API request for FreeBSD VFS

Daichi GOTO (daichi at freebsd.org)

1 Introduction

      We have always tried to keep changes just in unionfs segment
  only. But by accomplish nothing, we need change the other segment.

2 Problem Description

      Until now we have did many improvements for unionfs, but
  now we feel the limication arount the process of unionfs's
  "copied-up file".   Additional thinking of future support for
  MAC extention, ADVLOCK lock infomation and somethinkg like those,
  all the more reason to be careful.

3 Impact

      It leads the confution of unionfs implementation and some
  problem around lock mechanism. We cannot solve those problem
  by just only changes in unionfs segument.

4 Solution Request

      We need new 2 APIs(functions) for VFS. Please some developer
  do implement new APIs like as follow:

    int VOP_GETALLATTR(struct vnode *vp, struct vnode_xxx *data,
                       struct thread *td)
            set the all attr to data from vp;

    int VOP_SETALLATTR(struct vnode *vp, struct vnode_xxx *data,
                       struct thread *td)
            set the all attr to vp from data;

  Above funtions can set/get vnode information(now those are attr,
  extattr and ADVLOCK) together if its type is VREG.

  We cannot do implement it caused by lack of vfs arcana. Please
  raise your hands and do it, please.

5 References


We need your help. Please help us.

  Daichi GOTO, http://people.freebsd.org/~daichi

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