USB keyboard problem

w0lfie w0lfie at
Wed Nov 29 07:19:27 UTC 2006

I have a usb keyboard (Genius slimstar pro) and am having
the same problems as others are experiencing. When the kb is
first loaded, the two modifiers ctrl and shift are "stuck"
on. This results in keys like d exiting your terminal. If
you hit ctrl and shift on another kb (I have an at kb hooked
up as well) it resets these modifiers. Once this has been
done, a majority of the keys (a-z, 1-0 etc...) work as they
should. None of the modifier keys work though.
After digging through and playing with the ukbd code, I have
found that when you hit any of the modifier keys, it sends
the two keycodes 0xe0 and 0xe1 as pressed keys to
ukbd_interrupt() and sends nothing when you release the key.
I have tested this keyboard in OpenBSD, Linux and Windows
all with success. I have also tried this without the kbdmux
and get the same results.
Any help or insight into this problem would really be
appreciated as I'm quite stuck on where to go to from here.

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