Hardening FreeBSD, does anyone have any documentation that may help?

Vini Engel vini at fugspbr.org
Thu Nov 9 12:50:57 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

This may not seem to be the best place to ask for this but as this is
supposed to be a list for high level discussions I am assuming that some
people have must know how to harden FreeBSD and/or may have articles and
other docs that can be shared.

We have a set of simple policies that are used to harden FreeBSD
machines but I would like make it better and also would like to see how
people do it out there so that I can pick the ideas that we find
interesting/useful for us here and improve our hardening skills.

Our machines range from dns servers to mail servers and a few
router/firewalls. Some of them don't have to have anything special but
some others have to comply with the policy of the highly protected
networks that they live in, hence the reason why I want to improve my
hardening skills.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!


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