Doubts about PICKUP_GIANT() and mtx_lock(&Giant)

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Sun Mar 12 14:28:29 UTC 2006

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:25:07 +0530

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> Subject: Doubts about PICKUP_GIANT() and mtx_lock(&Giant).
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> Hello,
>           What is effectively the difference between PICKUP/DROP_GIANT and
> mtx_lock/unlock(&Giant)  ? From the macro expansion, i surmise that
> PICKUP/DROP_GIANT deals with recursion in Giant locking.Is this correct ?
> is
> this the only difference ? What will happen if i mix the usage of
> PICKUP/DROP_GIANT and mtx_lock/unlock(&Giant) ?
> Also,is there any hard and fast rule prescribing which method of taking
> the
> Giant should be used where in the kernel ?
> TIA.
> Regards,
> Pranav
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>    In my opinion,DROP_GIANT() guarantees that Giant is *really*
dropped even it is recursively held.Sometimes we have to make sure
that Giant is not held,and mtx_unlock(&Giant) can't give us such
a promise,so you shouldn't use it in such situations.
   Mix the usage of DROP_GIANT() and mtx_unlock(&Giant) is not
a good idea,I think. In fact,if you really do it,even the compiler
 will reject your source code :-).


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