NVIDIA FreeBSD kernel feature requests

Oleksandr Tymoshenko gonzo at pbxpress.com
Thu Jun 29 16:19:36 UTC 2006

Christian Zander wrote:
> Hi all,
>  # Task:        implement mechanism to allow character drivers to
>                 maintain per-open instance data (e.g. like the Linux
>                 kernel's 'struct file *').
>    Motivation:  allows per thread NVIDIA notification delivery; also
>                 reduces CPU overhead for notification delivery
>                 from the NVIDIA kernel module to the X driver and to
>                 OpenGL.
>    Priority:    should translate to improved X/OpenGL performance.
>    Status:      has not been started.
	I've stumbled across this issue a while ago. Actually it can
be partially solved using EVENTHANDLER_REGISTER of dev_clone event with
keeping state structure in si_drv1 or si_drv2 fields. I'm not sure it's
the best solution but it works for me though it smells like hack, and
looks like hack :) Anyway, having legitimate per-open instance data
structures of cdevs is a great assistance in porting linux drivers to
FreeBSD. Just my $0.02.


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