PCI Express graphics reliability/functionality in 6.1?

Rink Springer rink at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jun 9 06:11:35 UTC 2006

> >   I can't find anything specific about PCI Express in the 6.1 release
> > notes.  However, I have Googled up some reports of various PCI-E
> > graphic cards working badly in Xorg under FreeBSD and other open source
> > OSes.  In general should PCI Express graphics cards work properly and
> > perform reasonably well for Xorg and OpenGL graphics under FreeBSD, if
> > I avoid the "touchier" nVidia cards, or do I need to stick with AGP for
> > reliability?

I have a GeForce 6800GS PCIe x16 card, which has been rock-solid so far
(I had to use the Nvidia drivers from ports, the 'nv' driver only gives
me a messed up text console...). This is on a dual opteron 2x 846 on a
Tyan Thunder K8SE motherboard.

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