Which signal occurs due to a page protection violation?

Jason Evans jasone at freebsd.org
Tue Jan 31 11:41:36 PST 2006

On Jan 31, 2006, at 1:06 AM, Sam Lawrance wrote:
> ElectricFence is failing during its self test on i386 7-current:
> Testing Electric Fence.
> After the last test, it should print that the test has PASSED.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> *** Error code 139
> The program intentionally overruns and underruns buffers in order  
> to test the functionality of ElectricFence.
> I think it's failing because:
> 1) the new jemalloc is actually catching the problem and throwing  
> 2) ElectricFence is being compiled with - 

I'm not sure about this, but I think the change of which signal  
occurs is unrelated to jemalloc.  I think Kris Kennaway at one point  
told me that jemalloc broke the efence port, but then later retracted  
that claim when efence also failed on a machine that was still using  
phkmalloc.  This may be due to a signal delivery bugfix that someone  
put in, probably in early December 2005.


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