CPU/case/disk temperature sensors for Dell PowerEdge 2850

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at ambrisko.com
Thu Jan 26 15:48:48 PST 2006

Surer Dink writes:
| (I was told this was /one/ of the appropriate forums for this message -
| however I did not want to cross-post - if this is not the correct place,
| please let me know and I will try the other suggestions [acpi- and ports-].)

ipmitool will work fine over lan in ports.  It will not work to locally
read the values.  I have an OpenIPMI compatible driver that we use
here locally with a patched ipmitool (to fix the wrong IOCTL defines
since we care about read/write semantics).

We use it at work to read IPMI stuff on PE2850/PE850 and update the
BMC firmware via a binary tool on a PE2850.  It should work with
any IPMI device that is defined in SMBIOS.  I have not done ACPI
attachment.  I implemented the IPMI watchdog to tie into FreeBSD's
watchdog code.  I like ipmitool since Dell supplies them with
patches etc.

I probably should check it into -current.  It's not all done but
good enough to do a bunch of stuff and Tom Rhodes started a man
page for it.  I work on it as I get time or have new needs for it.

Doug A.

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