Unable to stop a jail

Alex Lyashkov umka at sevcity.net
Mon Dec 4 04:20:17 PST 2006

Sorry for later response,

this not are corruption - in difference with jail, jail2 need to be call
jctl --ctx $id --destroy for destroy kernel context.

В Птн, 01.12.2006, в 12:43, Steven Hartland пишет:
> We've got a jail here which we cant stop with either killall
> jexec or jkill all return success but jls still reports
> the jail as running.
> The machines running several other jails which I cant restart
> at this time so I ended up starting the jail again jls
> now reports:
> jls
>    JID  IP Address      Hostname   Path
>      9     jail6        /usr/local/jails/jail6
>      7     jail6        /usr/local/jails/jail6
>      6     jail5        /usr/local/jails/jail5
>      5    jail4        /usr/local/jails/jail4
>      3     jail3        /usr/local/jails/jail3
>      2     jail2        /usr/local/jails/jail2
>      1     jail1        /usr/local/jails/jail1
> Host machine is running FreeBSD-6.1-P10
> Any ideas some sort of kernel data corruption?
>     Steve
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