global date via module howto

Roman Kurakin rik at
Sun Aug 20 15:09:10 UTC 2006


    I have the following problem:
module A
    int x;

module B
    extern int x;

    Module A is loaded, module B can't be loaded cause of unknow 'x'.
What should I do to make x global?

PS. I am working on porting irda support for USB devices from NetBSD.
The current model consists of two layers hw and sw. hw is the usb device
driver. sw is some software layer the same for all device and it is a
child on top of hw 'bus'. To make this working I need to add
DRIVER_MODULE for each 'bus'. To make sw independent from the
bus I need to export _driver and _class structures and put DRIVER_MODULE
in 'bus' code instead of 'child'.


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