UTF-8 <-> UTF-16BE Converter in Kernel Needs Test

Intron mag at intron.ac
Sat Aug 12 17:28:20 UTC 2006

I'm sorry that I send my experimental patch set here to call for test.
But if I send it to freebsd-i18n@, I wonder no one will respond to me.

Download: http://ftp.intron.ac/tmp/kiconv_utf8_20060813.tar.bz2

My patch set implements a UTF-8 <-> UTF-16BE converter for iconv in
kernel. It doesn't need kiconv(3) to send unnecessary UTF-8 <-> UTF-16BE
conversion tables to kernel. And it doesn't require the help of GNU
libiconv, which kiconv(3) depends on.

With my patch set, if you mount FAT/NTFS/ISO9660 file system, less
resource will be occupied than before:

mount_msdosfs -L ll_NN.UTF-8 /dev/md0s1 /mnt

See my "readme.txt" for installation guide.

                ************  ATTENTION !!!  ************

1. Do NOT test my patch set upon your CRITICAL FAT/NTFS partition !!!

2. Limited by BUGGY FreeBSD modules msdosfs/ntfs/cd9660, whether you
    use my patch set or not, only 1/2-byte UTF-8 character (up to 0x7ff)
    is supported, which means only a few languages are supported.

    I will try to patch those modules to support all languages (up to
    6-byte UTF-8 character) included in current Unicode step by step.

                                                 From Beijing, China

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