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Sun Apr 23 20:05:53 UTC 2006

Divacky Roman wrote:
> I just found which is a project for automatic checking
> source code for bugs (memory leaks, unreleased locks, null pointer
> dereferences). I recall there was some SoC project to achieve something
> similar but this is complete and ready to run...
> it might be of some interest for someone

Just a few comments on this. I see that freeBSD already uses Coverity's tool to
eliminate different kinds of bugs, so it is useful to briefly compare these two

A first difference is that mygcc is a much simpler tool, which means:
1. simpler to use. Every programmer can express his own checks without learning
any checking language.
2. less powerful. The bugs detectable with mygcc are clearly a subset of those
detectable by Coverity, even if this is a quite significant subset, covering
many common bugs.

A second difference is that Coverity's tool is (to my knowledge) a standalone
checking tool, which means that you would use it from time to time to perform
detailed analysis of your code, find many bugs, fix them, and then continue to
maintain your code without further support until the next big cleanup (if your
license is still valid :)). As opposed to this model, mygcc (is freee and) aims
at more modest checks, but performed continuosly, possible at *every*
compilation. Thus, the two tools can be seen as complementary.

If we had a list of the kinds of bugs that Coverity found, we could tell which
of them can be checked continuously by mygcc and which not.

Hope that helps,
Nic (on behalf of mygcc)

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