[PATCH] Fancy rc startup style RFC

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Apr 19 18:07:43 UTC 2006

Bill Vermillion wrote:
> "Ang utong ko ay sasabog sa sarap!" exclaimed Sergey Babkin
> while reading this message on Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 12:18  
> and then responded with:
>>> From: Bill Vermillion <bv at wjv.com>
>> has some
>>> color vision problem.  Mine is a bit more than others.   Everytime
>>> I get called to work on a Linux system, I have to go in and disable
>>> the colors as the reds and other colors become very hard to see
>>> against a dark background.   The problem is the luminance value of
>>> colors such a red is quite low compared to others. 
>> The problem with Linux colors is that they have been
>> designed to be used on the white background which is
>> the xterm's default (and which I hate as it's tough
>> on my eyes). Since I usually use the black background, 
>> I disable them too.
>> When I have time and patience to mess around, I set the
>> LS_COLORS and such variables to the complementary
>> bitmasks of what they've been, and that fixes the
>> problem with contrast on the black background.
> Well I run in 80x24 text mode almost all the time, and when I need
> some graphics/web stuff I hit the KVM and move to an XP machine.
> I use vidcontrol to set my screen
> /home/bv/.profile:vidcontrol green black
> /home/bv/.profile:vidcontrol -b blue
> /home/bv/.profile:vidcontrol -c blink
> That gives me green on black, with a blue border defining the edge
> of the screen.  With my vision it works very well.
> I got to something with white on black and I find it too bright
> to use, except on dying monitors :-)  [I've had some clients
> with really bad server monitors - typically SCO.  On those
> I'd set the white to bright white to make them readable]

Ok - first, let me remind everyone that this is for startup/shutdown of 
scripts and such, not for ls and other things.  I'd also like to remind 
everyone that the default for the whole thing can be OFF, so you won't 
even know the option exists if you don't want to know about it.  If it 
is on, then the default is b/w like the current setup is, and currently 
no information is suppressed so there is no loss of helpful information 
on boot, only additional information (OK, FAILED, SKIP, etc).

If someone doesn't like the colors, doesn't like the 'fancy' bootup, 
then they merely have to do nothing at all.

This is a similar feature as rc_info is, and there's no issue there, 
because it's off by default.  Same with the color daemon at the boot menu.

I think it should be off by default, until enough people demand it on 
(if that happens at all), and then it should be b/w by default, with the 
option to make it color.   My main goal was to implement this with as 
little reworking of the current system as possible, yet still reap 
rewards of easy readability when the system boots.


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