Weight of an IRIS 4D/210GTX Box anyone ?

Alain Hebert ahebert at pubnix.net
Sat Apr 8 18:45:10 UTC 2006


    I have 7x4D/20 here (and about 12 working Indy, 6 for spare part (12 
R5000), and a bunch of Indigo)

    The 4D/20 are about 70 pounds (~30 kilos) each.  I dont know for the 
210GTX but they looked similar.

    Anybody want a SGI?  Free if you pay the shipping.

    Have fun.

Kathy Quinlan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been offered a IRIS 4D/210GTX SGI box, and I need to know the 
> rough weight, thought as google did not turn up anything and SGI seem 
> to disown all the old stuff these days, anyone got any idea on the 
> weight of this ?
> Regards,
> Kat.

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