RFC: Adding a ``user'' mount option

Bachilo Dmitry root at solink.ru
Mon Apr 3 05:39:15 UTC 2006

В сообщении от Понедельник 03 Апрель 2006 12:32 Joe Marcus Clarke написал(a):
> I know we have vfs.usermount, but this is not always sufficient since
> the user has to own the mount point in question.  What I propose is to
> add a ``user'' mount option à la Linux.  This would make mount and
> umount setuid root, but would allow much more flexibility when it comes
> to removable media and desktop systems.
> I'm not a src committer, so this isn't a threat to commit.  I'm more
> interested in getting feedback, and hopefully some src committer
> interest.  I think this would really benefit desktop FreeBSD.
> http://www.marcuscom.com/downloads/usermount.diff
> Joe
Totally right! For me it is a huge problem at home. 
On the other hand, I think we are not telling something new. There must be 
some security reasons or something, otherwise I think this feature could 
already exist...

Am I wrong? I wish I were.
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