network settings

eoghan freebsd at
Mon Sep 19 02:37:29 PDT 2005

Bachilo Dmitry wrote:
 > В сообщении от Воскресенье 18 Сентябрь 2005 22:10 eoghan написал(a):
 > You should write all the stuff to /etc/rc.conf (see man rc.conf for 
that), but
 > in my opinion if you actually did /stand/sysinstall many times, your 
 > "got cancer" if i can say so, because it writes the changes all the 
time in
 > rc.conf not deleting previous. You should just write once something like:
 > ifconfig_xl0="inet <your_ip> netmask <your netmask>"'
 > defaultrouter="<your gateway>"
 > and write down to the /etc/resolve.conf:
 > nameserver <your ISP's DNS>
 > or simply write down to /etc/rc.conf:
 > ifconfig_xl0="DHCP"

Thanks for the info. i did have a look through the rc.conf and it sure 
does look like its written the settings many times. Does anyone have a 
sample of a clean rc.conf? Also, my network assign ip's to each pc on 
the network. I noticed in the conf the ip was specified, which can 
change... is there any way of doing this in the rc.conf?

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