Forcing boot to seek for files on other parition then `a'

Daniel Gerzo danger at
Sat Sep 10 14:45:36 PDT 2005

Hello hackers,

  I'm in the step when I need your help. Let me describe the

  I've ordered the dedicated server where was installed FreeBSD by
  default. The main problem was that they created only 4gB swap and
  one partition mounted under '/'. Well, of course, I didn't liked it,
  and I decided to repartition disk, so I've swapoff the swap, created
  there the filesystem, exctracted base from ISO and booted to that
  partition. Then I've removed the `a' partition and created few more
  partitions from the free space. So I had a potentional root
  partition under ad0s1e, the tmp partition under ad0s1f, swap under
  ad0s1g and rest under ad0s1h as usr partition. I've mounted them all
  and installed there a base system again and booted the new system,
  newfs'ed the ad0s1d (there was the original swap, then system) and
  prepared it as a var partition. Now, what I have:

  ad0s1e   248mb   /
  ad0s1f   1.5gb   /tmp
  ad0s1g   1.5gb   swap
  ad0s1d   4gb     /var
  ad0s1h   rest    /usr

  Ok, I will describe the main problem here;
  According to the boot(8) manual the automatic boot will attempt to
  load /boot/loader from partition `a'. But there's no such partition
  and I have /boot/loader under the `e' partition. I know only one and
  the only normal way how to force to use `e' partition. This is done
  throught the boot2 stage of boot process, when one need to manually
  type 0:ad(0,e)/boot/loader to the console so boot process will be
  able to use needed utilities. The main question is:

  How to force boot procedure to automatically seek boot images on
  other partition then `a', let's say on `e' one.

Best Regards,
  Daniel Gerzo

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