/usr/ports/www/phpbb --? Makefile query

Vizion vizion at vizion.occoxmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:09:57 PDT 2005

The makefile has the following lines:

EXCEPTFILES=	${PREFIX}/${PHPBBDIR}/install/install.php \
		${PREFIX}/${PHPBBDIR}/install/upgrade.php \

In my case DocumentRoot is:
WWWDOCROOT?=	/usr2/virtualwebs

to which the port is adding ${PREFIX}

which has a local value of /usr/local

producing attempts to install files with problematic paths such as


I wonder, while this is being looked at, whether it might be possible to have 
the option, when installing to virtual webs to install to a file list 
comprising multiple urls?

This would be a most valuable option.


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