NFS hanging

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Sep 8 07:38:47 PDT 2005

Steve Suhre wrote:
> I know I've dealt with this before...but can't remember what the deal 
> was... I mount a remote server to /mnt and the mount command seems to 
> work, no errors or logged errors on either machine. But when I try to cd 
> to the /mnt folder on the client the server hangs. I can't do an ls 
> without it hanging either. I can't even kill the ls process, the client 
> needs to be rebooted to clear any hung commands. The client is running 
> an older version of bsd (BSDI), the nfs server FreeBSD 5.4. Any help 
> would be appreciated.....

Have you tried forcing the client to nfsv2, and adding the intr option 
(so you can interrupt your hung processes at least)?  Also, if you do an 
rpcinfo against the server, does it show mountd and nfs?  Which versions 
of nfs does it show?


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