how to handling read only cvs trees

Gordon Bergling gbergling at
Wed Sep 7 06:33:13 PDT 2005


I currently working to get an old patch up to HEAD, but I have a problem
with generating a diff from my work.

I usually checkout out src from a local cvs mirror of the FreeBSD
repository. I do this with

cvs -Rd/home/ncvs checkout src

Without the -R flag I must do the checkout as root to create a read

The changes are easly diff'ed with

cvs -Rd/home/ncvs checkout -uN > ../path/to/release.{patch|diff}

I added new files in existing directories with 'cvs add' so that
these files are included in the generated patch.

The problem I am faced with is that there are new directories with new
files (a lot) and these files are not included in the patch. I tried to
'cvs add' the directories, but I am not allowed the create the
directories in /home/ncvs. Sure I just could fire up sudo to do the
work, but I am afraid that cvsup, which I use to mirror the cvs
repository, could delete them with the next scheduled run.

Has anyone a hint on how to handle this situation?

best regards,


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