Project in FreeBSD.

Pranav Peshwe pranavpeshwe at
Wed Sep 7 04:46:06 PDT 2005

        I am a final year CS student and wish to do a project in the
FBSD kernel or networking domains.
I am a part of a project group of four and we have the project as a part
of syllabus for the final year.

      Ideas we could think of were :

1) Dynamically Configurable IO schedulers and scheduling policy.
    - similar to the project mentioned on the SOC page for FBSD.
2) Creating a program which would save the state of  the kernel at
    some instant.Then if the kernel panics,the saved state will be restored.
    Especially useful for kernel level development which can cause frequent

Could anybody please comment on the above ideas.
I do not know whether they are already implemented and included in the
mainline distro.

We would also like to hear about any other ideas related to FBSD.
We would be very happy to contribute our bit to the development of


Sincere regards,

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