sed not working

Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at
Sat Sep 3 03:18:06 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-Sep-03 12:27:50 +0300, Rein Kadastik wrote:
>Lets take the following sed command (from the ncurses script):
>sed -e '/^\([a-z_][a-z_]*\) /s//\1 gen_/'
>This works, but I have found a specific pattern, where it does not work:
>int something -> int something

>Does anybody have any idea, what would be the cause of the problem and 
>how to fix it.

I can't reproduce it on 4.9 or 7.  I presume you've double checked
that your test input doesn't have any garbage characters in it (or
a tab instead of a space).

>I also have several other FreeBSD systems, where the sed behaves 
>correctly. I  also copied the sed over to the broken system, but no luck.
>I suspect, that it is some sort of a regex library issue as sed does not 
>contain its own regex engine.

What happens if you copy the libc from the broken system to a working

Is there anything unusual about the problematic system?

Peter Jeremy

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