Unique IPsec security policies

Jan Mikael Melen jan at melen.org
Tue Oct 18 00:50:57 PDT 2005


Is there a reason why the policies that are defined as unique can't be updated 
through the pfkey interface?

What I'm trying to do is that:
1. I create SP entry and let the kernel assign a request id for policy (reqid 
in the add is 0). This policy is a tunnel mode policy and I don't have the 
outer addresses set at this point. Only the inner addresses are set so I'll 
get the SADB_AQUIRE message with the inner addresses. 

2. When my keying daemon get's the acquire from the kernel I run the key 
exchange and then I send update to the SP with previously gotten reqid and 
with outer addresses but it fails and kernel prints out:
"key_msg2sp: reqid=16384 range violation, updated by kernel." 
This message comes from the sys/netkey/key.c:1488. It's obvious when I'm 
adding a new SP entry that this check is done but when updating the SP 
shouldn't it just check that the value given in update matches the one 
assigned earlier?


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