PCI Device Driver

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Fri May 20 05:28:51 GMT 2005

Luís Vitório Cargnini wrote:

> Hi i need to write a device driver for a PCI board. I read the
> developers book see the exemples and i'm starting to write the device
> driver. I'm writeing a device driver for a board with SAA713X TV chipset
> from Phillips. I did theskeleton example, but whe i catch the example of
> PCI driver from developers book and tried to compilate i receive the
> following:
> (forgive me for the long paste, but i need some answers and i need to
> give the details)

Yes, the skeleton driver is very out of date.  Would anyone object
to me updating it and tossing out the ISA code?


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