EuroBSDCon 05 - Call for Papers

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Mon May 9 03:10:16 PDT 2005

             EuroBSDCon 2005 - Call for Papers

                4th European BSD Conference
                   November 25 - 27, 2005
              University of Basel, Switzerland


The  Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) family of computer
operating systems is derived from software developed at  the
University  of  California  at Berkeley.  The various family
members (Free-, Net- and OpenBSD, among others)  are  exten­
sively  used  both  for  embedded  appliances  and for large
internet servers and have an excellent reputation  for  sta­
bility  and  state-of-the-art technology.  BSD-derived soft­
ware is a driving force for IT research and development  and
is  well-received as a building block in commercial software
due to its unique license scheme.

The fourth European BSD conference is a great opportunity to
present  new  ideas to the community and to meet some of the
developers behind the different BSDs.

The two day conference program (Nov 26 and 27) will be  com­
plemented  by  a tutorial day preceeding the conference (Nov

Call for Papers

The program committee is inviting authors to submit  innova­
tive  and  original  papers  not  submitted elsewhere on the
applications, architecture, implementation, performance  and
security  of  BSD-derived operating systems.  Investigations
on economic aspects regarding the operation of  BSD  systems
are  also  welcome. Topics of interest for the Euro BSD Con­
ference 2005 include, but are not limited to:

·    kernel hacking

·    embedded application development and deployment

·    device drivers

·    security and safe coding practices

·    system administration:  techniques  and  tools  of  the

·    operational and economic aspects

Prospective  authors  of contributions to the technical pro­
gram are requested to submit an  extended  abstract  through
the web-interface on the conference website. All submissions
will be reviewed by the  program  committee.   The  extended
abstract  should  be  at  least  two but no longer than four
pages in either PostScript or-PDF format. Submissions accom­
panied  by a non-disclosure agreement are not acceptable and
will be returned unread.

Authors of accepted submissions have to provide a full paper
for  publication in the conference proceedings and give per­
mission to the organizers to  publish  the  results  in  the
printed proceedings and on the conference web site. Instruc­
tions to authors will be available  on  the  conference  web

Call for Tutorial Proposals

Selected  tutorials on practical and problem-solving aspects
of BSD-derived operating systems will be offered on the  day
before  the Euro BSD Conference.  The tutorials will be pre­
sented by speakers who have wide  experience  in  developing
and  administering  the  different  BSDs. Potential tutorial
themes include, but are not limited to:

·    Using FreeBSD in a datacenter environment

·    Firewall configuration with OpenBSD

·    Porting NetBSD to embedded devices

·    Safe coding practices to provide secure solutions

If you are interested in presenting a tutorial, please  con­
tact the program committee at pc at with details
about the topic, intended audience, required room and facil­
ities as well as a meaningful CV before August 1, 2005.

Important Dates

Extended abstracts due:     August 1
Tutorial proposals due:     August 1
Notification to speakers:   August 31
Final papers due:           October 20
Tutorial day:               November 25
Conference:                 November 26 - 27

Conference Organizers

General Chairs <chair at>

  Marc Balmer, micro systems
  Vera Hardmeier, micro systems

Program Chair <prog-chair at>

  Christian Tschudin, CS Department, University
  of Basel

Program Committee
  Marc Balmer, micro systems -3-
  Emmanuel Dreyfus, the NetBSD project
  Felix Kronlage, bytemine
  Max Laier, the FreeBSD project
  André von Raison, iX Magazin
  Christian Tschudin, University of Basel
  Wim Vandeputte, the OpenBSD project

Local Organizers

  Marc Balmer, micro systems
  Giacomo Cariello
  Marcus Glocker, UBS AG
  Vera Hardmeier, micro systems
  Massimiliano Stucchi,
  Marc Winiger, micro systems

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