Very low disk performance Highpoint 1820a

Steven Hartland killing at
Sun May 8 04:11:23 PDT 2005

If that where the case it would have been it wouldn't have been
46Mb/s it would have been 543Mb/s, just tested it for you :P

    Steve / K
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From: "Willem Jan Withagen" <wjw at>

> Steven Hartland wrote:
>> I've just finished putting together a new server box spec:
>> Dual AMD 244, 2GB ram, 5 * Seagate SATA 400GB on a
>> Highpoint 1820a RAID 5 array.
>> 5.4-STABLE Highpoint 1820a RAID 5 ( 5 disk )
> .
>> 655360000 bytes transferred in 13.348032 secs (49097875 bytes/sec)
> You're only transfering 640M in 2GB of RAM, big chance that you're testing 
> memory/buffercode-speed in stead of testing diskspeed.

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