mergemaster improvement (auto-update for not modified files)

Denis Peplin den at
Fri May 6 06:49:20 PDT 2005


Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On Fri, 6 May 2005 20:18, Denis Peplin wrote:
> You know you can just use etcmerge to do this..
> It does a 3 way merge between your files and the old and new revisions.
> The only down side is that it's UI is totally unlike mergemaster so it can be 
> a bit strange to get used to.

Thank for pointing me to this script, I will look into it for
ideas related to merging files that was modified.

But for not modified files etcmerge is too complicated. Updating
for not modified files should be done in fully automated mode.

And for comparision, this file
is only 264 kB in size. Unlike etcmerge archives (from link in etcmerge
manpage), it contain checksums, and checksums included for every
revision, even if it was not included in official release.

I think that checksums database can be even committed into
CVS and will not bloat it. Ideally, this way of updating should be
available even for those users who have no access to internet
(distribution recieved on CDROM, etc.)

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