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Tue Mar 29 08:29:02 PST 2005

Iasen Kostov wrote:
> Warner Losh wrote:
>> From: mohamed aslan <maslanbsd at>
>> Subject: Re: organization
>> Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 07:41:25 -0800
>>> guys this is not a flame war
>>> but the linux way in arranging the source file is really better than
>>> freebsd way, it's a fact.
>>> however it's easy to rearrange it in 1 min as someone said before.
>>> but i mean this step should be done from the core team.
>>> for example all fs has to go in a subdir called fs
>>> arch specific file should go in subdir called arch/(arch name)
>>> and so on .
>> The problem is getting consensus on what is to be done.  Sure, one can
>> arbitrarily say this goes here or that goes there, but everyone's
>> notion of reorg is a little different.  It would take a lot of time
>> and energy to get this consensus, which is better spent making things
>> work better...
>> Warner
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>    And the worts of all is that You are both right to some extent. The 
> new developers want the source tree arranged in the way mohamed says it 
> should be. Not some device drivers live in pci/ other in dev/ and things 
> like that. And on the other hand experienced kernel hackers who want 
> things to stay as they are so it is easy for them to navigate in know 
> waters. IMHO mohamed is a bit "more" right.

What do you think the reaction would be if you or Mr. Aslan trotted over
to the linux kernel hackers list and told them that they were all
'wrong' for piling all of the storage drivers into linux/drivers/scsi
instead of separating them out into subdirectories?  What do you think
the reaction would be if you told Theo DeRadt that OpenBSD is 'wrong'
for piling dozens of drivers into sys/dev/ic instead of separating them
out more logically?  At best, you'd be ignored.  Telling a group
that they are right or wrong based on your personal opinion of how the
world should be is, um, a waste of time.


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