Fwd: 5-STABLE kernel build with icc broken

David Leimbach dleimbac at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 23:23:21 PST 2005

meant to send this to the list too... sorry
> Are you implying DragonFly uses FPU/SIMD?  For that matter does any kernel?

I believe it does use SIMD for some of it's fast memcopy stuff for
it's messaging system
actually.  I remember Matt saying he was working on it.


If you can manage the alignment issues it can be a huge win.

> Thanks,
> jason
> > - optimizations for Intel CPUs direct from the manufacturer of the CPU
> >   (they have a lot of interest to produce very fast code)
> > - a different set of compiler warnings
> > - better code quality (if is compilable by more than one compiler it
> >   may be more portable)
> >
> >Icc already pointed out some bad code (asm code in the IP checksumming
> >code... DragonFly changed it already), and the panic as noticed above
> >may also be an indication that we have some code in the tree which
> >smells bad.
> >
> >Bye,
> >Alexander.
> >
> >
> >
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