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Mon Mar 28 11:05:31 PST 2005

mohamed aslan wrote:

>hi guys
>it's my first post here, BTW i was a linux hacker and linux kernel
>mailing list member for 3 years.
>and i've a comment here , i think the freebsd kernel source files
>aren't well organized as linux ones.

You are in some ways correct..

Unfortunatly, as our project is significantly older than Linux it has a lot
more historical baggage.. The system layout has its roots in teh layout 
of the original
Unix layout from the 1970s.

The BSD source tree has lived through several complete generations of
hardware. In the beginning for example,
IO was one of 5 things.. DISCs (expensive) tape,  Teletype (110baud paper
printer) or card readers and punches.

As things have changed, some of the original layout decisions have 
become rather
outdated.  For a slightly better example, check out the layout of the 
DragonflyBSD kernel
sources. Matt took the oportunity to re-arange the FreeBSD sources when 
he imported
them.. To some extent I agree with him (though not necessariy with his 
positioning of
every file).

It is possible that we could do with a reoganisation but it isn't a 
work-free job..
Matt took some time to get everything working again..

possible things that could be done..

Every driver in its own directory.
      INCLUDING the makefile for the module and the man pages..
All network protocols to be sunk into a "networking" subdirectory
ditto for filesystems.
Bus drivers being separated slightly from device drivers (though 
related  (/sys/dev/bus?/usb?)
The kern directory broken into functional sub parts. (proces control, 
scheduler, ipc etc)

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