/boot/loader Invalid Format

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Wed Mar 9 06:59:06 PST 2005

It's resloved, she edit the /boot/loader instead of /boot/loader.conf


if someone has freebsd release as you, let him upload it to a site, with
the name loader.x

then boot your computer with the fixit cd of freebsd (Disk 2)
Configure your Network
go to shell, then
cd /mnt
mkdir fixbsd
mount /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/fixbsd
(if you don't have freebsd installed on the first fixed disk or something
else like other partitions then figure out which partition the /
mountpoint has.)

cd fixbsd
fetch (location where your friend has uploaded his bootloader)
cp loader.x loader
replace it then your set you can bootup normal.

If you have 5.3-RELEASE... my loader is located at

(founded this trick out with a friend of mine who messed up her bootloader
hehe kinda mistake, can happen to everyone if they are logged in as root)

With kind regards,

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> On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Webmaster Shizukana.net wrote:
>> Can somebody help me?
>> I've got a problem with my bootloader and i dont know how to fix it.
>> If I boot my pc, it stops loading, it says:
>> Invalid Format.
>> FreeBSD/i386-Release 5.3
>> default: 0:ad(0,a)/kernel
>> boot:
>> and it is in the /boot/loader
>> how can i fix this?
>> is there a disk to boot to prompt, so i can mount the / of my freebsd
>> system and update the /boot/loader file with the one of someone else?
>> and ifso, how can i do this with the mount commands?
>> thanks!
>> Nexohrion
> Yes, more then likely you compiled things or have used the iso image
> for the wrong architecture. It will help us more for you to specify
> what image you used to make the CD and or if you have installed it
> and recompiled your kernel/world etc... etc... etc...
> Thanks, c0ldbyte.
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