To C++ or not to C++

Ryan Sommers ryans at
Fri Jun 24 14:31:32 GMT 2005

Greetings all... I'm about to undertake a major software engineering
project and I can't decide between C or C++ and was wondering if I could
get some input from the community.

As part of this project I'm going to need to make use of at least 2 C
libraries (OpenSSL and ncurses) and the application must be compatible
with the standard range of Linux/UNIX compilers and operating systems. All
of these signs make me sway closer to just doing it in C. However, one
strong point always seems to pull me back to C++, constructors and

Constructors and destructors can offer so much in the way of memory leak
avoidance. Of course, each language can leak memory like a sieve if used
improperly. However, for statically allocated structures semi-automatic
garbage collection can be a nice cushion.

Anyway, without getting into too much detail. Anyone had to make this
choice on a project? What were your thoughts in retrospect? What would you
have done different, what would stay the same...

PS For this project things like polymorphisms and inheritance really
aren't needed.


Ryan Sommers
ryans at

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