OpenKeta@FreeBSD released!

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Jun 1 00:44:22 PDT 2005

On Tue, 31 May 2005 iampinetan at wrote:

> We have designed and implemented a novel kernel web accelerator, named 
> as OpenKeta at FreeBSD, and released v0.8-alpha at 
> It has similar function as TUX at Redhat.
> OpenKeta at FreeBSD has software pipeline architecture. It devides HTTP 
> request process operation into several pipeline stages and uses 
> defferent thread to do specified operation stage. It adapts to SMP 
> platform. With one SMP server and 5 testing clients OpenKeta at FreeBSD can 
> get better SPECweb99 performance than TUX.
> Currently OpenKeta at FreeBSD v0.80-alpha just implemented basic HTTP/1.1 
> protocol. We hope some volunteers can join us and get better OpenKeta.


This sounds really neat!  Are you currently using the FreeBSD 5.x or 6.x 
kernel?  It sounds like you're in a position to benchmark performance 
improvements, especially on SMP -- are you interested in doing 
benchmarking with network performance patches? :-)

Robert N M Watson

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