Intel motherboard S875WP1-E with SATA un Promise raid problem...

Casper kl at
Mon Jan 31 08:14:35 PST 2005

I read that there is already discusion about it:
But it not helped me. I have googled etc working little bit every day, 
and turn then the bigest discusion about it is here, so I decidadet to 
post q. here.
I have already intel server with S875WP1-E motherboard who is 2 sata 
conectors and 4 sata raid conectors and 4 sata disks and I need local 
fail server. I thinked I don`t trust match raid and one disk for sys, 
backup, another for jail`ed fail server and ir other will be jail`s too.
So I start to install my favorite latest FreeBSD 4.10 and stuck that it 
see only 2 disks, how I writed, it not see cotroler or don`t know how to 
talk. Ok, I googled and found patch:
apply it to source, rebuild and reboot, it found all 4 disks(2 connected 
and 2 in raid). OK good, but then after after kernel booted it ask for 
particion to put ufs:/dev/ad4s1a not working... So I test again, now 
working. Gooled and found yours discusion here. Understand that it is 
right time to try 5.3. Start install, it found all 4 disks, good. But 
after reboot, the same, ask for ufs:/dev/disk... Ok, I try again with 
one disk only connected, it installed, and it booted ok. I connect 
other, after boot ok, it shows all. I tryed to configure other by 
/stand/sysinstall and fdisk all the time said it not like Geometry... 
Mybe thats wrong. All is not stable and somethinkg is wrong.
HD all is WD2500 Caviar SATA, 250Gb.
Anybody is ok with this motherboard and sata?



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