use loader to load kernel.gz and mfsroot.gz in an ext2 filesystem

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Tue Jan 25 23:27:01 PST 2005

Hi,sorry to bother you^-^ 

I have a problem about the loader of freebsd 

I put loader,kernel.gz and mfsroot.gz in an ext2(dos) file system on 
harddisk,and want to directly use grub or use grub and freebsd loader(or 
other manner?) to boot the system. 

But when I use grub to transfer freebsd loader,I find it(freebsd loader) 
can't read files of ext2(dos),and when i use grub 0.93 of redhat 9.0 to 
directly load mfsroot.gz by "initrd /mfsroot.gz",it fails for "linux kernel 
must be loaded before initrd". 

My goal is to put install.cfg,freebsd kernel and mfsroot on harddisk,then 
boot from harddisk into freebsd,and install it with original freebsd cd. 

Any one help?
Any answers are appreciated,^-^.

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