Resuming from a crashdump

Kamal R. Prasad kamalpr at
Mon Jan 24 20:49:26 PST 2005

--- ctodd at wrote:

> Well booting the kernel generally takes little time,
> but if all the
> processes could be restored this would be a step in
> the right direction.

If restoring a previously executing program can
recover some *context*, then it makes sense to
restore. If you want to restore a process just to save
bringup time -that is a different issue.

> As John said, restoring the state of some programs
> will have to rely on
> the program, but perhaps this could lead to an API
> of some sort that would
> make this less painful on the program author.

I am working on this with the author of checkpointing
in dragonfly (Kip Macy). Basically, the program author
will decide when to save the context of a process and
it will depend on how it interacts with the system.
Saving a shadow copy of the kernel is rather


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