Geode integrated peripherals support?

Milan Obuch bsd at
Sun Jan 16 06:01:34 PST 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 00:29, you wrote:
> > is someone working with Geode processors? There are many peripherals
> > integrated, but not all supported under FreeBSD. Has someone already done
> > some patched for this?
> We use the geode and haven't noticed the lack.  What's missing?
> Warner

[Second try - first one apparently did not came through to hackers]

ACCESS.bus support (i2c bus compatible) and LPC bus bridge (for expansion).
The first one is present in OpenBSD. I am currently studying that and FreeBSD 
kernel sources to try port it, however, any help would be great. No idea on 
LPC, through...

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