Remote upgrade of 4.X-5.3-Stable

Dwayne MacKinnon Dwayne.MacKinnon at
Tue Feb 22 21:22:20 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I've been experimenting with upgrading 4.X to 5.3-STABLE. The challenge 
I've been given is that the box to be upgraded is physically 
inaccessible and so there's no console access. All I have to work with 
is ssh and scp.

In our lab I built a box to 5.3-STABLE. I then used the /usr/obj 
directories from that build to start a "remote" upgrade on another lab box.

Things have gone reasonably well. I was able to successfully make 
installworld using a rc.d script even though it reboots into multi-user 
mode after installing the kernel.

The problem is that rc.conf isn't getting sourced properly after the 
installworld. I figure that something more is needed with mergemaster. I 
run mergemaster -ia through my rc.d script, but that's apparently 

So what I'm wondering is this: What do I need in place to make sure that 
networking will come up and sshd will start after upgrading 4.X to 5.3?


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