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Eitarou Kamo e-kamo at
Sat Feb 12 05:53:47 PST 2005

David Schultz wrote:

>>As the conclusion, which state are available?
>>Pre                         Post
>>BSD license  ---->  CDDL
>>GPL license  ---->  CDDL
>>MIT license  ---->  CDDL
>>CDDL  ---->  BSD license
>>CDDL  ---->  GPL license
>>CDDL  ---->  MIT license
>The Copyright holder can release his code under whatever licenses
>as he sees fit.  If you're not the Copyright holder, then the
>story is different.  It is my understanding that it is possible to
>add additional restrictions to BSD/MIT-licensed software (without
>removing the original restrictions and disclaimer, of course).
>However, the GPL forbids additional restrictions on both source
>and binary distributions, and the CDDL forbids additional
>restrictions on source distributions:
>	You may not offer or impose any terms on any Covered
>	Software in Source Code form that alters or restricts the
>	applicable version of this License or the recipients
>	rights hereunder.  --CDDL 1.0, sec 3.4
>It's too bad that Sun's lawyers think they need to force people to
>contribute changes back to them.
 CDDL doesn't cause  Hybrid GPL like issue  copyright  and  copyleft  issue,
I wonder?  Anyway I'll try not to mention so much not to make a god 

Once again, the post herein and hereto is subject to hereinafter.

>Once again: I am not a lawyer and make no guarantee about the
>accuracy of the contents of this message.  The opinions herein do
>not reflect those of the FreeBSD Project.  Use this information at
>your own peril.  Beware of dog.  Slippery when wet.

#BTW, my FreeBSD-5.3 work comfortably on this machine so far.


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