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Eitarou Kamo e-kamo at
Fri Feb 11 21:23:27 PST 2005

>Actually, I think the answer is YES.  You're apparently answering
>a different question.  See below.
>It is my understanding that virtually any open-source license is
>*compatible* with the MIT and 2-clause BSD licenses, since all the
>MIT/2-clause BSD licenses require is that you acknowledge and
>preserve the license, copyright, and disclaimer.
>However, I believe it is generally not possible to use CDDL code
>for integral parts of FreeBSD because, like the LGPL, the CDDL
>requires that modifications be made available under the CDDL.
>It is probably fine for kernel modules and extensions, but that's
>something core@ needs to decide.

As the conclusion, which state are available?

Pre                         Post
BSD license  ---->  CDDL
GPL license  ---->  CDDL
MIT license  ---->  CDDL
CDDL  ---->  BSD license
CDDL  ---->  GPL license
CDDL  ---->  MIT license

To say nothing of it, the post herein and hereto is subject to hereinafter.

>Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and make no guarantee about the
>accuracy of the contents of this message.  The opinions herein do
>not reflect those of the FreeBSD Project.  Use this information at
>your own peril.  Beware of dog.  Slippery when wet.
What a cool clause above is!  It's just simple though. If possible, I'd 
like to
use it in my this sort of post. It is entered into which type of 
License, I wonder.



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