Star & FreeBSD

Joerg Schilling schilling at
Thu Feb 10 11:10:13 PST 2005


Last night, I did convert star from a GPL tool into a CDDL
tool. This now makes star compliant with the BSD philosophy.

Is there a chance to have star integrated into FreeBSD?

Compared to star-1.4, star-1.5 gives a lot of new features, e.g.:

-	a true incremental backup/restore mode that uses the
	same basic philosophy as ufsdump/ufsrestore does
	but with a portable archive format.

-	Support for more than the star command line syntax.
	Star now can be combined as "star_fat" and then uses
	a command line interface that depends on av[0]:

	star	the generic star command line interface

	tar	Compatible to Sun tar which is a true enhancement
		to the bsd tar program

	gtar	Compatible to GNU tar

	scpio	Compatible to cpio

	pax	compatible to pax

The nice side effect is that you may have a program that behaves 98% like
gnu tar but is not based on the GPL.

If you have questions, please ask...


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