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ALeine aleine at
Tue Feb 8 13:38:46 PST 2005

imp at wrote:

> If I were to reply in kind to your message, it would be something
> like:
>         Listen you worthless hunk of flesh.  I'm not trying to insult
>         you, since I have the utmost respect for the miserable life
>         you no doubt must lead.  Nothing could be farther from the
>         intentions I had when I set out ot write this, but you clearly
>         could use a personality transplant.
> The secret to effective communication is making sure that you
> communicate the message that you intend to communicate.  By
> saying in one paragraph that you have the utmost respect for people
> (and by the way misunderstanding how the core team works and its
> relationship to the project, but I digress), and then insulting
> them in the next paragraph, you're clearly showing your contempt
> or disrespect.
> Please, learn some manners.

The secret to effective communication is making sure you first
understand what was said before speaking up. If you were to reply
in that manner I would have to conclude either that you grossly
misunderstood what I had said and that you were overreacting in
an insulting and patronizing manner unbecoming of a Core team
member or that someone else was posting as you. If I were then
to reply in kind it would be something like:

        Dear Mr. Losh, a village idiot seems to be posting as you
        and lashing out against me. I am not impressed, but you
        may not find the impact of such posts important enough to
        prevent the imposter from impersonating you further with
        impunity. Someone more impartial might impart the same
        advice, but it is up to you to decide how impeccable or
        impaired you want your reputation to be.

If you care to reread my previous post you might notice that in the
first paragraph I was referring to the post I posted before my
previous post. I also said I had a lot of respect for the (current)
Core team members and that I have utmost respect for Mr. Watson (my
utmost respect does not extend to the entire team, you misunderstood
that as well), who is unlike certain former Security Officers.

Why you are lashing out against me and jumping to conclusions is not
clear, but I suspect that it must fall under the "If the shoe fits"
category with you being both a former Security Officer and a current
Core team member. There are no contradictions in what I said. I have
a lot of respect for most of the current Core team members (sadly,
that status changed slightly after your post) and Mr. Watson still
has my utmost respect. I never intended to insult Mr. Watson in any
way, I was making a point about the complexity of the system going
too far. Complexity of the system was the issue, but nobody even
mentioned that in their replies, yet all those who replied got very
defensive and offensive and started going on about disrespect in an
attempt to turn this into a personal issue. But I digress, you see
what you want to see.

I will attribute your incorrect conclusion that I am misunderstanding
the role of the Core team to the same misunderstanding and flawed
reasoning that led you to the conclusion that I was being disrespectful
to the current Core team members. I was not, my comment in the previous
post was directed at Kris Kennaway, your successor in the role of
Security Officer.

One who advises others to learn some manners should at least try
to show one has at least some manners oneself. Using words like
worthless, miserable and personality transplant while directly
addressing someone you claim should learn some manners is not the
best way to show manners, at least not in Austria.

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