Opening and wriiting to file in Kern

Kamal R. Prasad kamalpr at
Sun Feb 6 04:22:42 PST 2005

--- Scott Long <scottl at> wrote:

> Ashwin Chandra wrote:
> > Does anyone know the correct calls to open a file,
> write to it, and close it, IN *kernel* mode. 
> > 
> > Ash
> There is no common API for doing this, which is
> pretty much on purpose. 
>   First, you need to ask yourself why your task
> needs it done in the 
> kernel and not in userland.
A feature implemented within the kernel that requires
making stuff persistent would almost certainly require
file I/O. For that matter, a kernel (module) that
reads a configuration file will also need the same
facility. I don't see anything wrong with providing a
stream (like) interface to the filesystem.


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